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There are a couple of ways you can get in touch with me, both formally and informally. Formally, all you have to do is send me an email during 5-11 pm (Timezone GMT-8 Pacific Hour) or using the contact form down below, that’s all!

When someone comments on a post here, I get an email, that indicates that you shouldn’t shy away from commenting an issue, recommendation or just whatever message you want to convey specific to that post topic. I always reply unless I’m very very busy, don’t fear the reaper, just comment.

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Twitter: @kozmicluis

I don’t make my phone or Skype address public. If you want that information you must email me and provide an identification and the reason you want the information.

Contact Form

Use the following form to send inquiries and messages, I think this form should be used but not limited to the following topics: talk turkey (money), advertising, copyright infringements and giving credits, requesting a post, guest writing, bugs and fixed I could make to the codebase or styling, report broken links, recommendations, complaints (educated messages please), asking me for permission and other things that have to do with KozmicLuis.